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Absolute Towers

Basic information: located Mississauga, Canada, design by MAD, 2012. The twin towers are 179.5 meters and 161 meters high, with 56 and 50 floors respectively.

Key words: shape, math, discretization

Shape: Form always follows function. A continuous horizontal balcony surrounds the entire building, and the entire building rotates at different heights at different angles to correspond to the landscape experience of different heights.

Math: with precise mathematical control, from one layer to ten layers, each layer rotates 1 degree, 11 layers to 24 layers each rotate 8 degrees, 26 layers to 40 layers, each layer rotates 8 degrees, 41 to 50 layers, each The layers are rotated by 3 degrees, and the last 6 layers are rotated by 1 degree.

Discretization: the whole building is composed of a series of ellipse floors, and the shape of the building is controlled by rotating the ellipse. Therefore, the ellipse is the basic element, the ellipse plan means building will have a different lay out of every room in different floor.

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